Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fall Afternoon on God Quad

Mother and son, our fall boots

If you have ever visited the Midwest in the fall, you know how breathtaking it can be. It is a color explosion. The reds, yellows, oranges and browns mixed with the leftover lively green leaves that are the remnants of summer create such a vivid canopy above your head. The fallen colors weave a rich and crunchy blanket under your feet. Crunch and crinkle are the sounds of fall, and this year I added Ryan's, "Ooooo," that he repeatedly cooed at the colorful canopy up above us  to my favorite sounds of the season.

We are so lucky to playfully call campus, "our backyard." Ryan and I just plop down among the leaves and grass and soak in the fall air a few times a week. My curious baby boy also enjoys tasting every other leaf that he picks up (a new take on fall food, didn't you know?!). We probably make the stressed students burdened with papers and midterms green with envy when they see that Ryan's only care in the world is whether or not there will be enough leaves to crush in his hands. Sorry, students! I've been there! Take a break, and enjoy your time!

These photos are from October 9th when God Quad started to burn with autumn colors.
Happy that fall is here, runny nose and all.

What is your favorite part about fall? Do you have any fun traditions like apple picking or pumpkin carving?

P.S. I've taken a lot of photos during these fall afternoons so be prepared for a few more posts like this one scattered throughout the next few weeks! 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I am in love with his boots. I just had a boy & am having a hard time finding cute boy clothes. Where did you find his sweet boots & shirt?!! So glad to have found your blog!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you for your sweet comment. I find it hard to find (inexpensive) boy clothes, but I'm particular about what he wears. I basically prefer mini versions of what my husband would wear rather than pieces with lots of graphics. The boots are from the Old Navy Outlet, and the shirt is from the Carter's Outlet. I just checked the regular Old Navy site, and it doesn't look like they carry the boots...but there is a super cute pair of moccasins that are similar. I might grab them once Ryan grows out of this pair! Hope this helps!