Monday, November 26, 2012

The View from a Car Seat Neighbor

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00:00 Happy
00:10 Challenging me. "Whatcha got, Mama?"

00:15 "Ooooh, a toy!" I call this the aardvark face. 
00:17 Content...the toy is still shiny.

00:20 Still intrigued.

01:30 Shake, shake, shake!

03:20 Toy walked the plank and vanished into the abyss of the car...aka out of Mama's reach. On our fifth round of "If You're Happy and You Know It..." The song is losing its luster.

03:33 Furrowed eyebrows threatening me with the end of a content baby

03:45 The sing-a-long is over. 

03:50 Unhappiness expressed
04:00 And bye-bye baby smiles, hello tired baby eye rubs and, hopefully, sweet baby dreams. 


  1. Sweet boy! God bless you all!

  2. We have that toy too, which Forrest loves, but he's discovered how to chuck it across the room... okay, maybe it's involuntary with his 4-month coordination, but he'll learn way too fast that Momma might go get it for you when you throw it. = )

    1. Impressive! Future quarterback or pitcher? Before you know it, he will be walking over to get it :)