Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Volume 8

Coming out of a brief 7 Quick Takes hiatus to join Jen and the rest over at Conversion Diary. Happy Friday, all!

1. Chris offered to help me run a few errands last Sunday morning before we went to family hour. One of the things that I had to do was get Ryan some athletic shoes since he was wearing sweats and boat shoes (his only shoes besides boots) in preparation for the gym family hour. We headed to Once Upon a Child, and I was beyond ecstatic to introduce Chris to my most frequent and beloved shopping stomping grounds. It was kind of like how excited I was to show Chris my home back in Ohio, but instead of, "Here's the barn! And my goats!" it was, "And here are the boxes of shoes that you have to sort through!!!" and "Here are the 12-18 month button up shirts!" and "Can you believe the price?!" After we left, I realized that I probably should be embarrassed about how excited I was to show my husband a place that smells better than a thrift store, but still pretty funky. So that's wow-I'm-a-mom story of the week.

2. If you weren't convinced that Ryan has a mild (extreme) obsession with balls, we also stopped at Michael's during the errand sprint, and Chris had to drag him away from the baseball sets.

**It was a Sunday miracle that Chris came into Michael's with me since it is pretty much the closest thing to hell on earth for him. He said it was the only way to make sure that I would be out in under fifteen minutes. Someone has waited in the car for fifteen minutes an hour enough times to be more the wiser.

3. I found the icing bag cap that was missing in my miserable attempt at a lion birthday cake on Ryan's first birthday! So now maybe a lion mane will look more like spaghetti rather than shredded cheese?

4. Last week, I discovered that Hulu Plus has ALL 163 EPISODES of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Just hearing the intro song was as homey as Once Upon a Child is to me. I had forgotten how much I liked Harvey and Sabrina and how much I despised Libby. Anyway, this is now my cleaning timer! I can be a pretty slow cleaner so now I put Ryan to bed, turn on an episode of Sabrina, and then clean, clean, clean for twenty-one minutes all while reliving TGIF on ABC. You should try it.

5. Salt Angels. The snow melted yesterday so Ryan found a new way much to my dismay to make angels while I had my back turned and was washing the dishes. He really got into it, as you can see.

6. Onion hoarder. What is with this kid and onions? I found this on the toy shelf the other day.

7. Chris came up with the idea that whenever I'm boring can't think of a seventh quick take, I should show a Calvin and Hobbes comic. So you're in luck...this week I'm boring.


  1. Sabrina was my favourite show as a kid! I wish Hulu worked in Ireland, so I can reminisce whenever I want. Sometimes I catch an episode on cable TV but very rarely! Happy watching :)

  2. I loved Sabrina too. I wouldn't get much cleaning done though if that was my timer. :)

  3. That salt angel is too cute. And a repeat of Sabrina the Teenage Witch was the last thing I remember watching on tv when I was in labor with my first child! I was watching and breathing and thinking I was doing real well...then I hit transition right in the middle of Sabrina, and, um, I couldn't pay attention any more! And I had labor music all ready, but it just happened so fast...

  4. Ok, I used to be obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch, so I might have to check that out :)

    I nominated you for a Liebster here:

  5. Sabrina is good and all, but I agree with the Calvin and Hobbes! What a good idea (you don't have to tell him I said that, unless you want to). That onion was also really cute!

  6. I love Once Upon a Child! Sadly there isn't one near my little town, but I always hit one up when I can.

  7. I worked at a Once Upon a Child in high school! So much fun to see all the babies come in with their parents AND I found many a gift for my little cousins.

  8. I just got so excited to see that "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" is on Hulu Plus! Except I don't have Hulu Plus. But the first season is free on Amazon Prime, so I'm totally watching that now. :)

    Love, Lindsay

  9. Ah I'm so happy about #4! Just might have to watch that later :)