Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am linking up with Clan Donaldson today for Theme Thursday to talk about boys

I have been living with two to four boys ever since I have been married save for a few months scattered in between. "Umm, huh?" you think. Of course, I live with Chris, the boy man of the house. Chris' brother, David, has lived with us for the majority of the time and then for the past two summers Brad, Chris' next brother, has lived with us, too. Then you throw in their biggest fan, Ryan, and you arrive at four boys. That is a whole lot of boy, but it honestly is quite the good time. I had enough hormone surges while pregnant with Ryan...okay scratch that, I always have enough hormone surges to cover the female part of the family. The stories will come out on the blog eventually, I'm sure. 

In addition to being outnumbered by boy roommates, I have been floored with how giddy I get at watching "my two boys." I always laugh with my girlfriends at how differently Chris and I react to Ryan's "athleticism" (come on, he is only fifteen months old). Here are a few scenarios:

Ryan just about pulled a five foot floor lamp over when I caught him.
K: Ryan, let go of the lamp, it's going to fall!
Ryan was startled by me, stumbles back, then catches his balance and put the then diagonal lamp upright. 
K: blah, blah, blah we don't play with lamps blah blah blah, it could break, etc.
After the little discipline session is over and most likely forgotten about right away, I look over to a smiling Chris.
C: Did you see that coordination? (said with awe in his voice)

I walk in with a squirming and upset Ryan under my arm.
C: What did he do?
K: He was throwing rocks!
A little bit later...
C: So do you really have a problem with him throwing rocks?

Ryan is balancing on a scrapbook in the book rack next to our recliner. 
K: Well, he is going to fall and learn his lesson.
C (said with awe again and with a lot of pride): Just look at him. 

(I feel like I have to add that Chris is, in fact, a very responsible and caring father).

And with those stories, I give you: my boys. 

First family portrait.
Darth Vader and son.
Onward to victory!
Favorite photo ever.
Or is this one my favorite? Ryan with his dad and uncle.
Playing rugby; running to dad post-victory
Yesterday, we had my sweet friend's littles over to play and the concept of racing was completely lost on Ryan. So last night Chris tried to teach Ryan how to race and in the process, slipped and tore a tiny hole in the the knee of his suit pants! What is with Chris and his suit? This photo was taken once Chris put on more race appropriate attire. 
Will the little one in my belly be increasing the male majority of our household? We will have to wait six more months to find out! 


  1. Oh man. I guess I need to get back on the blogging train. And I didn't realize they were racing at your house. It's a big hit over here, though it's more follow-the-leader than anything. Tell Ryan that Peter can teach him all sorts of big boy games to drive Mommy crazy.

    1. Umm, yes, yes you do need to get on the blogging choo-choo as Peter would say. And I loved the racing because Ryan was asleep before 7:30 last night, and it was glorious. Thank you, Peter.

  2. Awesome post, awesome pictures. I love "Did you see that coordination?" That's a dad for you. ("That's my boy!")

  3. #2- my husband will be jealous...

  4. You should get the book! It is really cute.

  5. I love all the pictures! Ryan is so adorable. And how funny that your husband just thinks about coordination and athleticism? :)

  6. Beautiful, beautiful family. And why have I never seen that book!

  7. Ohhh Ryan meeting his uncle is such an adorable picture! He's so ready for his big brother duties :)