Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Meet the Fockers edition

Linking up with Jen from Conversion Diary for the weekly quick takes.
1. I'm missing my best friend's bachelorette party this weekend, which I am pretty bummed about. On Wednesday, my sister-in-law and I stopped by Aerie (I know ... so tame) so I could pick up some goodies to send so I'm not the world's worst best friend. Annie, my sister-in-law was carrying Ryan and dancing to whatever bouncy pop song was playing while I tried to not talk to the chatty sales associate because ... it's underwear. I paused from my lacy treasure hunt to look up and see Ryan smiling up at a the blown-up photo on the wall of a girl modeling a bra. And ... he was doing the milk sign with both of his hands a la Meet the Fockers. Like I said, he likes the "boooo's." I'm happy I chose to go into Aerie and not Victoria's Secret or Frederick's.

2. I don't have a photo or video of that incident, but I do have a video of him dancing at lunch later that day. Imagine the fist pumping with a smile and the milk sign. While Ryan is in the midst of showering the floor with his rice, we are showering Becca with praise because she makes the best fried rice ever. 

3. Playground maintenance man.
After I told him (only once) that a bottle was trash when he thought it was the grandest toy in the all the land, Ryan has become quite taken with pointing out, "Tash!" at the playground and then picking it up and carrying it all the way to the barrel that serves as a trashcan. Now why can't he do the same with the mess of food he leaves on the floor after every single one of his twenty meals a day since his stomach is a human form of a trash can?

4. My friend, Claire, and I studied in France together and now she is being an amazing Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda. I don't read her blog as often as I should, but her last post was very powerful.

5. David and Chris taught Ryan the other day how to pose like the Fighting Irish Leprechaun, and, although he is the right size, his arms just don't get it yet. Instead of being a menacing little man with his fists up ready for a fight,  he bunches his fists up, then quickly crosses them across his chest and leans back. Very not intimidating and not leprechaun-y.
He climbed onto the coffee table and while screaching, "Ka! Ka! Ka!" which means clementine, avocado, Basilica and now leprechaun.

6. Ignore the size two-small diaper in the photo above. My pregnancy brain got the better of me and I took the dirty diaper wet bag to the washer, went to grab the detergent and never came back. Thank goodness for baby uncle Ciarans who leave diapers behind. 

7. And I reached 7! I sat down this morning thinking that I actually had things to talk about, but lo and behold, it still stands that 7 Quick Takes are the hardest posts to write.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hahaha, we took the boys to the mall and I was expecting JP to beg for milk after walking by Victoria's Secret. The hubby told me I should go in and ask for a nursing bra- I declined.

    My toddlers have been known to wear newborn diapers- it is all the rage.

  2. I need to do bachelorette party shopping, too. My latest purchases in that department have been nursing bras and ginormous underoos for best may be in for a surprise!
    Your little guy's stance looks less fighting Irish and more Snoop Dogg...just sayin'... :)
    Great takes (I ran out of steam for #7, too, and had to slip a "fluff take" in the middle to streeetch it out!)

    1. Haha those would be so funny and literal for bachelorette party goodies. Well, you are going to need these ...

      And I know! That's what I told my husband. It's a work in progress.

  3. is how i did shopping for my friend's bachelorette. just beware they keep flashing "recommendations" at the bottom of you account afterwards haha

  4. Oh I'm intimidated! So cute :)

  5. The milk sign at bra model- so funny! My son was the same. Actually, I have to avoid the mall and swimsuit section at Target if I don't want Max asking questions about the contents of the bra. He's almost 4 but hasn't lost his fixation yet. Yikes!

  6. That is the most adorable photo! What a cute kid. Well they're both cute. :)

  7. Haha! Lingerie shopping is always awkward for me, especially if I'm trying to find something for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Glad Ryan lightened the mood. :)

  8. Ours likes to throw away garbage as well...unless he is the one that threw it on the ground in the first place.