Sunday, September 29, 2013

36 Weeks and Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Link-up

36 weeks! 

I am still feeling mostly good although for a bit during my thirty-fifth week my lower back was really sore, but that normally happens a couple times a year for me since I don't exactly keep up with core strength exercises regularly (ahem, ever). I also had mucho tenderness around my belly button two nights ago. The baby puts enough pressure on my bladder than I perpetually have to go to the bathroom even if I have just had a drop of water. Then when I don't drink enough drops of water, I wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps because I am dehydrated. Better chug, chug, chug. 

Okay, let's analyze. 

36 weeks with Ryan. 36 weeks with this baby. 
The lighting in our apartment was top notch. I have no idea where my maternity jeans from Ryan went so my outfit isn't completely identical.

I had very minimal morning nausea with Ryan at the beginning and only at times when I didn't have something to eat right away in the morning. With this baby, I had basically nonexistent nausea, which could be because I knew to keep something in my stomach in the morning. Occasionally with Ryan, I felt light-headed during the first trimester, and once this pregnancy I had to sit down at the grocery store check out line until the kind cashier and bagger boys brought me water. Neither babies have ever kicked me in the ribs. I didn't like sweets as much while pregnant with Ryan, and I loved anything savory, salty and cheesy. This has repeated with the current gestating baby. I didn't get dark stretch marks with Ryan. Actually, I didn't even know that I had stretch marks because they were so pale until I had Ryan and my belly was no longer stretched! No visible stretch marks yet, but I am sure they are there. Overall, I have felt wonderful with both. I do want to decorate more with this baby ... but I haven't done anything about it. 

I have heard from multiple people that they were 100% sure that the baby is a boy. And, I have heard from multiple people that they are 100% sure that the baby is girl. Yesterday, a man turned around after passing me, walked back toward me and told me that he, "Sees it 100%, and it is a boy." Well, since everyone has an opinion, will this baby be a boy or girl? 

When we ask Ryan if he is getting a brother or a sister, he proclaims, "Sister! Bruh!" so he is still part of our no clue club. I adore loving the baby just as, "Baby," and hearing Chris announce if we have a son or daughter, but that doesn't mean that I am immune to the speculation bug. 

So! When you were pregnant with a boy, was it different from when you were pregnant with a girl? Or if you have all of one sex, were the pregnancies different from each other? Link it up, so I can continue to be confused by everyone's stories. If you have an old post where you talk about this enigma, link it up! I will leave it open for a loooong time. And if you have never been pregnant, did your mom have different pregnancies? Leave a comment and tell me! 


  1. My pregnancies were completely different. And here I sit with two boys. :o)

  2. Two boys, one girl (right in the middle) and all pretty different. I can't wait to hear what you are having! How exciting to not know! We didn't find out for our first, but I couldn't resist for our second and third babies!

  3. 4 boys - pretty similar pregnancies. I had NO morning sickness with my first, then a little with the rest, but I never actually got sick. I had different cravings for all 4. Carried them all right up front like basketballs. I vote boy for you!

  4. I have 3 girls and one boy. The true tale sign for me was the lack of morning sickness that I had with my son. I also carried more out front and lower. It was a struggle to breath with my girls bc they were up so high. Hope that helps.

    1. No problems breathing yet! But I guess the baby has a few weeks to defy that :)

  5. My first (a boy) was alllll about being up in my ribs, so I thought being pregnant the second time with twins (both boys) would be horrible. But right now I'm 31 weeks and have yet to be kicked in the ribs at all! It's awesome.

    Very little sickness with either pregnancy, although more nausea this time around, which I attribute to there being two babies in there. My cousin was horribly sick with her girl and barely at all with her boy .... but then, my friend was horribly sick with her first two boys and felt great her third pregnancy, and it ended up being a third boy.

    So ... sorry, that just adds to the confusion! :)

  6. Had boys and girls....and never did figure out how to tell...but with our 5th baby, a lady asked me if I knew what the baby was. I replied, "No." She proceeded, "Do you want to know?" Thinking it fun, I played along, "Sure. Can you tell?" She told me she's guessed a dozen times and has never been wrong. I gave her the go ahead. She said she had to touch me. I extended my hand. She said, "No....your tummy." She touched my tummy and immediately and confidently proclaimed, "Oh, that's EASY. It's a girl!" A month and a half later, Anne Nicole was born.

  7. I have a post scheduled to go up tomorrow! What a cool idea for a linkup! and I got to your blog through Rosie, (blog for my mom).

    You look fabulous, by the way... :)