Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Likes and Shares

Boy, have the internets been speaking to me lately. And since I'm trying to teach Ryan the whole sharing concept, I will share them with you! I want to be nice on the blog playground, after all. 

--- iPhone vs. uBaby. Martha hit it out of the park on this one, and I so struggle with making sure that one text doesn't turn into a stream of phone unconsciousness ... don't you sometimes feel unconscious going from app to app to app or site to site to site?

--- Martha was on a roll this week! I really, really want to read the book she recommended, Searching and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart by Fr. Jacques Phillippe. I think it will be perfect to read before I feel tempted to feel like I'm drowning in whines and cries. And the fact that it is only 110 pages means that reading the book pre-Baby is more likely to happen than filling out a baby book for Ryan.

--- Sheena's post on cloth diapering is a great starting point for those curious about covering those bums with cloth.

--- Dwija's post The Love Comes First was poignant, time appropriate, moving and something to always remember. 

--- Heather's post has been circling the internet and for good reason! It is an incredibly honest story that made me laugh and cry. Check out I'm No Theologian

--- What is with everyone making me cry with their perfectly timed posts? Add Ana to the list because she wrote a beautiful post, Serviam

And I was just feeling nostalgic and going through photos so here is one of two-week-old Ryan. Makes me forget all of the salt he has been seasoning our days with ... where is the sugar of yore, toddler boy?!


  1. Having survived FOUR toddler boys, there is not a lot of sugar!! Except when they need a snuggle from their Mama!! Little boys always love their mamas...... Hope you're feeling well heading towards the end of growing this baby.

  2. Been thinking about you as your preg nears its end. And regarding the book, I know know know you will love it. Let me know when you get your hands on it.