Friday, October 4, 2013


Last night was our very first time leaving Ryan with a sitter.

Yes, Ryan is three months away from being two years old.

Now before you go thinking that I am a whirling helicopter, remember that Chris' brother lived with us the majority of Ryan's life so have no fear, readers, we have gone on dates without the first edition of the Chris and Katrina creations. We were lucky ducks. Quack, quack.

Earlier in the day, I was setting out a clean pair of pajamas, a nighttime diaper and a drink on Ryan's nightstand, and I stopped in disbelief, "Whoa. I'm a parent?" Then I took a short jot down memory lane and remembered the times when the parents of the kids I babysat set out the pajamas and such. I would always be very grateful that they were making things easy for me, but I was also sometimes puzzled as a teenager with zero clue about parenting so I would furrow my eyebrows and wonder, "Will I ever be like that? A parent who is super organized or one who can't say, "Oh his pajamas are in the second drawer?" 

So am I super organized? Not able to give up control? Nope. I was just trying to minimize any chance of our sitter having the stuffed contents of the drawers or closets go all jack-in-the-box on him upon release from their so not orderly quarters. I guess I'm just trying to be humble and didn't want him to see that I am the champion of messy drawers. 

When I was relaying this mind-blowing revelation to Chris that I am now the parent setting out the pajamas, but it is because I can't tame a drawer, he replied, "What? We didn't have Ryan in his pajamas already for the sitter? That is leaving the kids with the babysitter 101. Rookie." Obviously Chris is very observant about Ryan's clothing. 

Oh and we went to an event that was all students, and Chris laughed when I wondered, "Well I guess my belly gives away that fact that I am not a student." He laughed, "Oh you think you would look like one otherwise?" I don't know, but I think I could pass for a senior at least. Am I living in la-la-fountain-of-youth land or do I no longer pass as an undergrad?

Chris said he was sure you would be unbiased so prove him right, please.


  1. I'll bet you still get carded. :)

  2. I think you can still pass for an undergrad, depending on what you're wearing (obviously when not pregnant :P). I still get mistaken for a high school student, although I *think* I don't get mistaken for a middle school student anymore!

  3. I'm sure what he meant is that you're much too elegant and sophisticated now to be mistaken for an undergrad. Right Chris?

    Meanwhile I still look approximately 15. With a toddler. So that's great.

  4. Yes I think you would still be mistaken for an undergrad and if there is still food to be eaten before bed I put the pj's on the bed and let the sitter change them thank you very much :)

  5. You could probably pass as an undergrad! I still do....but maybe it's because I work on a college campus and don't have gray hair?

    aaaand as a former frequent babysitter, I was happy as a clam when the PJs were set out...unlike the one family who left me with their child who got hella messy and ALLLL of his clothes still had tags on them....he ended up sleeping in his diaper. (I know this is usually baby protocol, but these parents were super uptight about sleeping in PJs ugh)

  6. I'm much older that you, so you TOTALLY look like a baby to me...!!

  7. Yeah, you look like a student to me, you young whippersnapper! And we try to have our kids fed, bathed, and in pj's on the rare occasions we go out - because leaving 5 kids to a babysitter is a hard enough job without having to do all those things too!

  8. I fail at babysitting 101, because my sitters pretty much always have to put pajamas on my kids... I usually have dinner ready/kids fed if I can, though.

    Not pregnant, you could pass at least for a senior.

  9. You could totally pass for a senior or a junior! haha putting the pj's out is good enough for me besides sometimes it's fun to dress the kids!