Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Typical Twelfth Child

When my mother-in-law was here last month, Ana and Alexandra came over. I commented that Ciaran was your typical twelfth child and happy, happy, happy. Alexandra laughed at me because really ... is there such a thing as a typical twelfth child? Ha, no. But that Ciaran Joseph is a happy, happy baby who is now one year old!

I have already nominated Chris' mom for sainthood, but did you also know that she defies the odds as a pregnant woman? She took one of my sisters-in-law Black Friday shopping and came to help us move, then she organized a ski trip to Utah before Christmas, drove in the car there and back from San Diego and cooked and cared for all of us skiers, pulled off a flawless Christmas with all the trimmings and then cooked a delicious steak dinner for 46 people for a Boxing Day party. And she was all belly for all of that.

The morning after the Boxing Day party, I remember just hanging out in the room we were staying in when I received a text from her saying that the birth was happening that day! Yay, baby day!!! The rest of the day was crazy, but it all ended in the best way. A baby, a son, a brother, a brother-in-law, an uncle, a life.

Happy Birthday, Ciaran! You are an Irish twin-uncle to my sons and a complete joy.


  1. I love the picture of your husband with Ryan, holding is youngest brother! So wonderful. I don't have 12 children, nor am I from a family that large, so I can only speculate. But I am the oldest of 5, and I have 5 children of my own, and I KNOW that my youngest brother was parented differently than me and my sisters (he's 10 years younger than me) and I know I parent differently with my youngest. Not in a way that matters for rules, morals or discipline, but more in the way that I feel about mothering. I'm definitely much more relaxed and confident. I would imagine you're feeling a little glimpse of that with Conor, or you will. So I would guess by the time you get to #12, you pretty much know what you're doing and babies can sense that! I think kids on the younger side of the line are just inherently happy go lucky a lot of the time.

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