Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's on the Tips of my Fingers!

Unrelated baby photo.
Do you have those moments when you are washing dishes, just minding your own mess with your mom hands that can scrub away with the hottest of water when a blog post forms in your head? Or you are in the shower for all of 180 seconds and in that minute and a half, and you can practically see a complete blog post right at the front of your mind. You've turned phrase after phrase and coined term after term. The t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. It's there, and it's a good one.

Then you sit down to let it all out from the tips of your ten fingers ... or one if you need to hen peck all thanks to your little chick under your wing ... and it's gone. 

Gone, gone, gone. 

There is nary a turn for a phrase to take. You shake your piggy bank of coined terms and not a penny falls out. You can't even pay yourself a penny for your thoughts.

I'm not writing from experience ... no, not at all.

Does that happen to you? 

A BIG merci beaucoup to whichever dear reader nominated me for a Sheenazing blog award over at A Knotted Life! Voting is live, here.

Thanks for organizing this, Bonnie! Continued prayers for your family, as always. 


  1. Oh yes. And it's annoying every time.

  2. All.the.time.

    I also hate when I'm doing something well (like baking/cooking something new or going on a normal adventure with the kid) and my first thought is, "Oh I have to blog about this!" and I spend more time thinking about the post rather than doing the activity for its own sake. Hah. Oops.

  3. I write my best blog posts in the shower. Too bad I don't have a water proof laptop!

  4. All the time! In my head I am a really creative and elegant writer. When I go back and read my posts I realize... not so much. haha :)

  5. I don't blog, but that happens to me ALL the time. I maintain that every baby sucks more brain matter from your Mommy-brain. I think it's just all the kids and schedules that have to stick in my brain - no room for anything else!! And I totally voted for you!!

  6. Umm this totally happened to me on Sunday during mass. I had some deeply profound thought during the homily that I was sure would just completely change world views and make the world a better place etc. etc. and as soon as we started saying the creed it popped out of my brain forever. #pregnant

  7. Yes!!
    Congrats on the nominations!!

  8. All the time! Yes. And I try to jot down reminders for myself buuuut I can never remember what I had going in my head, so the posts just don't get written. But I suppose that's why my vocation is to motherhood and not to professional blogging :P