Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow Covered Branches

Thank you SO much for your kind response to my last post, On Marrying Young. I was really nervous to post it, but I'm happy that there were others that could relate. Blogging is pretty neat.

Post Sunday Mass donuts from our fancy donut shop, I exuberantly requested that we stop on campus. The snow was swirling around, and I knew how beautiful it was going to see the January gray trees decorated with winter white. So Chris, my cold despising husband, watched over the bambino in the car while I took Ryan, the toilet user in training, to our favorite spot on campus. 

When I was a student, I always smiled behind my scarf when I was walking home from procrastinating at CoMo with snow covering all of campus. The snow made the night silent yet cozy. 

It was the same last Sunday. School is still out and the Basilica is under renovations so no one was on campus. It was a cozy yet silent stroll.

Until I heard the unmistakable, "Uh - oh!"

Don't eat yellow snow, kids. 


  1. Hehehe.

    I, too, absolutely love the snow on the branches. Second only to when the fog comes overnight and frosts them all. Mmmm. I love shoveling during big snowstorms because it seems to drown out any sound but my breathing and the scraping snow shovel. So peaceful.

    Or course, kids change that a little bit!

    1. I know, the peacefulness cancels out the freezing cold for the first half hour :)