Monday, February 17, 2014

Am I the only one

who has felt revived after sitting in her car alone, inhaling McDonald's fries in the parking lot of Joann Fabric's? 

Yesterday after Chris got home from Mass, my face quickly prompted him to tell me to be luxurious and just go somewhere all by myself. 

I guess joining the high concentration of elderly men waiting in their cars for their crafting wives while tossing down my second choice (first choice was closed since it was Sunday) salty, perfectly crispy potatoes just spells out luxury to me because twenty minutes later ... I was doing just that. 

It was divine.

(And much better than the rest of my two hours of solitude because the workers at Joann's weren't exactly helpful and the samples at Whole Foods were all empty ... and that was the only reason I had to go in there. Mickey D's fries and Whole Foods samples, big spender).

So when we were to the library with every single overdue book rescued from the deepest depths of our house this morning, and Mr. Abe and Mr. George told me that the library and the bank and the post office (all very wanted scratch-offs on the to do list) were closed to honor them, and Ryan and Conor were on the verge of breakdowns, it was just fine. All because of yesterday's divine time. 

Can I feel some solidarity? What are your silly, solitary spots that oddly have restocked your patience?


  1. You are not alone! The Joann's parking lot is a magical place and McD fries can be heaven!

  2. I find I usually do the opposite and can't resist going through the drive through at McDonald's when I'm by myself after I've been to JoAnns's! They're practically in the same little shopping area here and as often as not it's too tempting to pass up (and going to Joann's is usually the only time I'm out of the house by myself!).

  3. Oh my gosh do we live in the same town??? No, but I have a JoAnns and a McDonalds together too :) It's my preferred fry stop. Consider a chocolate shake next time you go if you've had a reeeeeerally bad day.

  4. I'm pretty sure that JoAnn's was my first solo outing after Michael was born! No McD's fries though, I'll take note for next time. My big getaway right now, between work and home, is swinging by Target on my way to work on Saturday mornings. Sounds mildly depressing, but I get a coffee and spend 20 minutes aimlessly walking the store with nothing to buy and no kid to wrangle. It's like my yoga.

  5. Panera Bread on a Saturday morning… gives me time to breathe and recover from the school week! :)

  6. What's with the unhelpful 'help' at JoAnn's!? I've only ever set foot in a JoAnn's once, because I'm from Canada and we don't have them here. We live about 1.5 hours away from the border though, so I put JoAnn's on my list the last time we crossed over. Anyway, they were all super snooty to me, like they could tell that I was planning only my 3rd sewing project ever... Pfff. I'm super jealous though, if you want to sew anything in Canada, it'll cost you three times more than buying it in a store... Fabric here is crazy expensive. I'm planning my sewing adventures, so I know what to buy the next time we're US bound... Maybe I'll get more respect next time.

    Anyway... Back to the point... I have a magical set of 45 minutes every Tuesday afternoon--My oldest is in a craft class, my middle is napping and so is my youngest. For 45 minutes I get to be out of the house, on my own, doing whatever pleases me. Most of the time, I grab a coffee and Tim Bits from Tim Horton's (Canadian to the core) and peruse the make-up aisle at my local Shopper's Drugmart (which would be like a CVS maybe...?). It refreshes me, helps me get through my week. I also save my grocery shopping for after the babes are in bed, so there's an extra hour of so of 'vacation time'.

    I read something once that said, "You know you're a mom when grocery shopping alone for an hour feels like a vacation." Truth.

    Also, sorry for the longest comment ever. And for making it even longer by adding that.

  7. Roaming Target or Costco aisles just because. With no one begging me for something.