Saturday, May 24, 2014


Is there anything like watching your baby play with your husband's hand and you spot his wedding band? Swoon. 

He had a lot of wardrobe malfunctions that day. 
Ryan insisted that we blow every. single. dandelion. on our walk to the park. Note there is not a puffy dandelion in the background to be seen. I'll take this activity over tantrums every time. 
He's looking at ... you guessed it ... his big brother. It's the most surefire way to see his two bottom teeth in the happiest manner. 


  1. Swoon is right over the baby finding wedding ring!! When my little one was about 4 months, I was giving her a bath in the sink tub. As I was getting in between her chubby rolls, she found my ring. She stared at the ring intently. I told her what is was and that her Daddy game it to me when we got married. She looked up from the ring, stared me right in the eyes and smiled!! I went into tears immediately!!!!

  2. I love the tiny plumber's crack! How adorable!

  3. True, there is nothing more attractive than a guy who loves being a daddy. And your boys are just too cute!