Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Best Rain Boots

When I was six, we visited Ohio so my parents could go house hunting, and my siblings and I got to spend the whole week playing with our cousins. One particularly wet day, we went out to Grandma's pond to help her plant some trees. It was a day of my family's frugality and practicality. Grandma dished out sticks of gum ... and then ripped them into thirds for all of us to share. I still feel like I'm splurging if I chew a whole piece of gum. Peter, Kristina and I didn't have much-needed rain boots for the muddy pond. My grandma had us step into plastic grocery bags and taped the bags around our legs. They were better than any yellow galoshes could have been. 

It was a fun memory to think of yesterday when we walked past the eighteen year old chubby trees as I had a chubby babe peeking over my shoulder.  Ryan deemed them, "Ryan size!" We will have to work on humility. 


  1. What a sweet memory! We always shared sticks of gum as kids, too!

  2. Such a lovely little story!
    I almost used some plastic bag boots the other day. I had to walk through the woods to pick Gus up from preschool, then was on my way elsewhere for the evening. I really wanted to wear my new shoes, but I couldn't bring myself to wear bags on my feet in front of the other mums. I should have had the courage, because I bet they would have worked beautifully :)