Monday, July 21, 2014


This photo is from my very first day of a real job in the city when Chris surprised me with Indian food and flowers upon my return home. We had been married a little less than four months. 
We saw one of the lovely newlywed couples in our life two weekends ago, and I'm still laughing over something we discussed about the quirks that come up when learning how to live with your new spouse.

I just can never seem to drink the last few sips of water in my glass. Ever! I may be really thirsty and just dreaming of a glass of water, but when I fill my glass up and drink ... that last bit just seems like too much. And it isn't a "I don't drink the last sip, it's all saliva," thing that high schoolers say. It's just a habit.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty cute the other night when Chris was teasing me about the cups of unfinished water I had scattered about the kitchen because him teasing me about that means that he is my husband - the one who gets to tease me about minute things like water in a glass for the rest of my life, and I really like having him as my husband. But, the movie Signs was on TV the other day, and Chris was confused as to why I liked the movie. He seems to have forgotten a key lesson that we learned (he, begrudgingly and I, gleefully) during the first summer of our marriage when he was being bombarded by unfinished glasses, and I somehow got roped into watching a semi-scary movie (I don't do scary).

So here you go, Chris. I like Signs because it proves that water in the bottom of a glass is not the worst thing ever. 


  1. lol! You're just preparing for a potential alien invasion ;-)

    1. Everyone come to my house if it happens!

  2. Girl, this is the exact conversation my husband & I have whenever he finds water glasses around the house! We had a friend living with us for a couple months and she too keeps the last bits of water, Josh commented one day "at least the aliens won't get us with you two around"!! I love this! Ha!

  3. HA! Best reason ever to leave around glasses of water! (which I totally do, too, all. the. time.)

  4. Oh my gosh - why are we the same person? I can't finish my drinks, ever. Even if I'm ridiculously thirsty. It just tastes gross or seems like too much or something! And my husband calls it the Signs Sickness and makes fun of me for leaving almost empty glasses in our kitchen, too! I tell him that at least we're safe from alien invasion in our house. Swing Away!