Tuesday, October 14, 2014

F-a-l-l, the last five years.

Fall has been making me nostalgic lately so I went back and found my favorite fall photos from the past few years. Also - I really need to go through my photo library and delete many, many images. How many blurry photos can one person keep? I might be setting a world record.
My favorite engagement photo, 2010.

Our last day in Chicago - moving day to South Bend! 32 weeks with Ryan in 2011.

Ryan, October 2012

I wish I knew where that hat has gone to!

37 weeks at the pumpkin patch and then
39 weeks at an ND game with a certain pumpkin named Conor in 2013.

One of Ryan's last days as an only child.

He's here! 

Same trees, another boy, 2014. 

And I'm sure I will have another fall photo post this season because, come on! There are a whole lot of leaves left up there. I'm only human. 


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Midwestern falls are so pretty! And I love "same trees, another boy"!

  2. Love these, Katrina!! What a gorgeous family, and beautiful photos!

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family in a beautiful place. I was not made for living in South Bend (at least not during the seven winter months), but I have to admit that Octobers there are pretty much the Platonic Form of October.

  4. Love these photos down memory lane! Their beautiful! And, your Fall is amazing!

  5. beautiful! love your photo diary.

  6. You have such beautiful fall colors in your neck of the woods! Too many evergreens here. :(

  7. Fall is SO nostalgic. You're right. (And, per that one detail in your post, I HATE losing beloved kids items. But I suppose that's the name of the game...)

  8. I LOVE THIS POST! look forward to reading more from you :)
    Jessica xo

  9. These are so sweet! I especially love the first engagement photo...wow!