Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Year Old

And he is one. One! Cliché or not, my how time flies.

We had a lovely, albeit busier than preferred, Sunday celebrating Conor's birthday. My parents drove up for the weekend, which was so kind of them. My mom cooked the whole weekend including lumpia, my favorite food. They had to leave around noon on Sunday so we decided to celebrate Conor's birthday with brunch and cake. I made chocolate chip pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs and sausage. And as you would for a birthday in 2014, much of brunch was spent discussing who was going to be FaceTiming, Google hangouting and Skyping on which corresponding device. Then I deleted multiple apps off my phone in a mad dash to make enough space to video the happy birthday singing and Conor blowing out his candle Ryan blowing out Conor's candle. 

I had baked spice cake for all to enjoy including a little smash cake for the birthday boy, which sounds a lot fancier than it really was. I just poured enough batter (made from a box! Top knotch homemaker over here) into three tiny  ramekins in addition to the regular cake pans, stacked them on top of each other and slathered on some buttercream. It was tilting over by the time for songs came along, but that just added to the cozy, rustic, homey, just-like-mama-made-it look, right? Right.

As expected, Conor was happy we let him eat cake. 

Wait ... so what's so exciting about this?

Still not impressed.

THIS is how you do it. 

My sister was Skyping from CA, my brother and sister-in-law were FaceTiming from MD and Chris' brother and sister-in-law were Google hangouting from AZ. We had some technical difficulties with Chris' family in San Diego so we got to video chat with them later in the day :) 

Contemplating his opinion.

Close up of our Phoenix family


The rest of the day for Conor was spent napping, walking around our friends backyard at a pumpkin carving party and hanging out at home until I brought home one of his favorites - starts with a Ch and ends with -ipotle. 

Thank you for an amazing first year, Conor Daniel Harrington. You helped us grasp a better understanding how God is able to love all of us. Our heart didn't split between you and your brother; it grew and grew and grew. It's kind of crazy how much you put up with having such an opinionated and enthusiastically strong older brother, but you've got spunk yourself, kid. You also can be terribly dramatic, but hey you make up for it with your jolly good mood the rest of the time. Your current favorite activity is chasing the broom as I sweep and trying to get your curious hands on the pile just before it makes its way into the dustpan. You also love banging blocks on the top of the printer and computer. That needs to stop. What doesn't need to stop are your goofy pursed mouth smile, adorable clapping and animated conversations consisting of one syllables repeated over and over and over. We love being yours.

Your favorite family


  1. Aww, the last pic melted my heart! What a good looking family! ♥

  2. Good to know about this first birthday party. Last month, I arranged my nephew’s birthday at one of lovely venues in Chicago and ordered a birthday cake for him. He was quite happy for arranging such cute party.