Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, Volume 5

Chris was at a retreat this weekend so it was just Ryan and me for the normal Mass party. He also took the car since he had to drive other people to the retreat so my wee one and I started Sunday off with a pleasantly brisk walk. And by brisk I mean a comedic skip-jog-speedwalk that included a late mama with her twenty-five pound baby strapped to her chest who were late! for a very important date (with Jesus)! I was gassed halfway there which is so surprising since I am such a stickler with working out. I also realized that there was a very likely possibility that we would miss the Gospel which would deem all of that effort as worthless. And so I sped up. What a picture I must have been to the girls in Walsh and the boys in Sorin. "Sprint to that tree!" I would mentally command myself and in reality I would shuffle-sprint almost there, stumble and resort to a speed-walk til I shuffle-sprinted again. Training for the shuffle sprint while babywearing 5K in Rio, I guess.

Ten minutes after Mass had started, I held my breath as I pulled open the heavy wooden door and heard a girl's voice reading. Yes!!! Not a priest, which means I didn't miss the Gospel! And then the responsorial psalm started and I was so proud that not only had my speed-walking gotten us there in time for the Gospel, but we even made the first reading. 

Ryan's church activities today include: mooching off a sweet toddler girl's snacks, kissing a different toddler girl,  trying to hug but really tackling that girl, and hanging out with his friend Caleb.  After we randomly walked into my friend from ND, Karlo, who was visiting friends, we walked home at a leisurely pace taking in campus and loving it. Ryan started to get dangerously close to a nap, and early naps are the worst.  I kept him awake by pretending to be a dog and singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm. So if you are a female student passing by and you hear me woof, meow or moo, no worries, I am not calling you a dog, foxy cat or cow...I'm just trying to keep my son awake.  

Photo on the right courtesy of my self-timer app since Chris wasn't home! That was as good as it was going to get.
The goods: 

Wrap dress: Forever 21 ages ago
Tank: ?
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory Store
Leggings: Target
Belt: from skirt from Target
Boots: Nordstrom

Shirt: gift from some German family friends
Cords: gift from my mother-in-law (Baby Gap)
Shoes: Target
Pout: Naptime

Head on over to Fine Linen and Purple for some more Mass outfits! 


  1. Lucky you--Mass at the Basilica! You know how much I'd love to be able to do that whenever I wanted to!

    Your purple dress is so pretty! I keep seeing "Forever 21" as a brand that all of you WIWS young gals are wearing. I wonder if there's a "Forever 41" brand for old ladies like me? ;)

  2. You look great! I can't believe you ran with your son strapped to your chest to church. I know I would have been winded in only a few minutes. :)

  3. Love your outfit! Your son is a cutie.

  4. My husband and I are both double domers and so I just love that I can distinctly picture your frantic walk-run across campus, haha! I lived in Lewis so I've speed walked through God Quad plenty of times. Our daughter was a baby when we were in grad school and so I've definitely spent my time in the side transcept at the Basilica with a chatty baby. Haha. Love it!

  5. I love your outfit! One of these days I might try the belted look (I don't think I've ever modeled that one before, but it looks great!). Oh my goodness, I just love Ryan and his funny expressions! God bless you!

  6. Glad you made it in one piece! Looks like you had boots for running on, though. Cute look!

  7. Ryan looks so cute! And how sweet are you in your hat!

    Love the belted sweater over the purple. You really look pretty today. Making me want to wear a dress!