Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not Quite Mary Poppins

Not much happened today to blog about. Ryan held my hand the entire trek from my appointment to our car which is toddler-ground-breaking news. 

In other front page news, I cleaned out my purse today ... for the first time since January when we were watching my favorite team in a sad game and I needed an extreme distraction. Ever since I started toting a purse around in high school (which was definitely unnecessary), I have been an uncool Mary Poppins. I definitely cannot sing, and although I have a whole lot of in my bag, it's mostly rubbish that accumulates and adds until I start wondering if my purse weighs more than my child. 

Because you care, here is a list of what I found in my purse today. This also is basically a makeup post since I put my makeup on in front of a mirror maybe three times a year. Putting makeup on in the backseat without the mirror is where it is at ... and also probably why I walk around looking like I did just that.

Okay, finally (again, since you care and have been waiting with bated breath), here we go: 

Rugby ball that belongs to Ryan's bear

Puzzle ball
Basil Moreau prayer card
Our Lady of Guadalupe prayer card
BR merchandise credit
Eye doctor brochure
Plastic bag with one baby wipe in it ... word to the wise, Ryan, keep the explosions at home, please.
Eye lash curler
Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express
Just bitten lip balm stain in smitten 
Mints from Doubletree Hilton 
Christmas card from my Grandma
Dentist business card
Pack of tissues
Empty pack of tissues
Chapstick ultra
Hand sanitizer
Ryan's birthday card from my grandma
Cincinnati Zoo brochure
Aquaphor coupon x 2
Green crayola marker
Christmas stamps (never sent Christmas cards out, but the USPS has my back with forever stamps)
Clothing tag
Restaurant coupon 
St. Andre Besette prayer card
Hair tie
Simply Surrender book
CTA card (don't even live in Chicago)
Bishop D'Arcy prayer card
Verily card
The Parent's Prayer for a Family Vocation
FedEx business card 
Tampon (I think a missed a certain memo here)
Cetaphil coupon x 2
The Year of Faith Prayer Card
Cincinnati zoo ticket x 2
Purple ribbon
Kid toothpaste
Nail polish
Mother Teresa prayer card
Prayer for Vocations
Teething toy
Aon Center visitor badge from January
3 more napkins
Hair tie 
St. Josemaria Escriva novena
Palm cross from Palm Sunday
Puzzle piece
Loreal Infallible lip stain
Hair tie
Target coupons
Paper with addresses
Pasta coupon
Garnier coupon 
Jergens coupon
Five international stamps
Hair tie
Hair tie
6 stray tissues
Red crayon 
Key chain
Hair tie
Hair tie
Green crayon
Two broken plastic forks
Dum Dum wrapper
Mulch (Guess who ...)
Dried pancake pieces (Surprisingly, not the same person responsible for the mulch)
P&G brand saver from January 2013
Southwest envelope from January 
Once upon a child coupon
BBB coupon
Hair tie
22 bobby pins
Pantene Pro-V coupon 
Almay coupon
Two pencils
Just bitten in adore
Chanel 119 lip gloss
Makeup brush
Loreal infallible lip stain in ginger 
Rimmel 001 transparent powder
Sephora mirror
NYC color wheel mosaic face powder all over bronze glow (more accurately: loose powder thanks to the mulch person using it as a baseball)
Hair tie
$1.30 in change
St. Philip Neri - Ryan's saint of the year
Blessed Francisco of Fatima - Chris
St. Jerome - me
25 receipts
Crumbs times infinity
 Obviously, I am mom of the year on account of the diaper count of zero. Am the only purse pack rat out there? Everyone cross your toes that my empty stroller no longer tips over when my now weight-watchered purse hangs on the handle. 


  1. This was hilarious. My favorite part is the endless prayer cards that kept cropping up again and again—too funny—I think we all have that problem!

  2. Holy smokes! I am impressed that you had that much in your purse! I purposely wear a really small purse that barely holds my wallet, keys and sunglasses (and occasionally some fruit snacks) -- but I'm also not a mom yet. :)

    P.S. I am in love with your sandals! I need some like now.

  3. I love this! (Yay, I'm not the only one!) If I were not menopausal, and you changed the baby wipe for a generic wet wipe, I would definitely think you stole my purse! :)

  4. It is impossible for me to carry a small purse. I have prob about the same number of item in my tote haha. I love these posts ;)