Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife for Five Favorites. Everyone please pray for Dwija, Baby Nicholas and the rest of the family! You can visit Clan Donaldson to read about Operation Laundry Room

- My Bass Clementine Sandals
I eyed these all of last summer when I was searching for a new pair, but never took the plunge since they were not in my price range even though I loved them. I like sandals that offer coverage for my unsightly toes.  This May, we stopped by the outlet mall near my parents' house, and I poked my feet in the Bass Outlet just to try the shoes on in case they ever went on sale. Mayday in a good way! They were way cheaper at the outlet than even online, and they offered a coral color. My year of waiting paid off. I love them, and I have the tan lines to prove it. They are so incredibly comfortable, too, but maybe I'm just used to Target sandal soles? 

- Hand-me-down, hand-me-downs -
Every time my mother-in-law visits, she brings Johnny's old clothes and shoes that were hand-me-downs to him as well. There are always gems like these Chucks that he brings to me every time that he wants to go to out-sigh!
One of those photos that my phone took when I didn't know it was taking photos that somehow works perfectly for a blog post
- Anne - 
My sister-in-law is living with us for the summer, and it is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Having her around really is one of my favorite things.

- Blowing Kisses -
Ryan has become smitten with blowing kisses (okay, really kissing his hand). Want one? Click away.

- Megafood Blood Builder - 
Hallie and Grace have already sung their praises about this oh-so-amazing supplement that is not breaking news to the Five Favorite scene. I love it. I have been turned down from donating blood more times than I can count because of low iron. I started taking Blood Builder, and now (most of the time) it has turned me into Bob the Builder. Can we do it? Yes, we can! I don't know if that show even exists anymore nor do I think I have ever seen an episode, but I every time I see the words, "Blood Builder," that song hammers its way into my head. I still of course get tired at times thanks to this growing baby of mine, but for getting on average six hours of sleep a night, my energy level is that of good old Bob. Cross your fingers and toes that this continues once I enter the third trimester.


  1. Hurrah for Bass outlet, hand-me-downs, and blowing kisses!!

  2. Those sandals are adorable. I need a good pair of sandals but can never decide on ones I like. Granted, I too tend to stick to the Target aisles. I'll have to check out the Blood Builder as well because I'm often borderline. Once when giving blood, I had the lowest possible iron count and my heart rate was the highest possible rate and sure enough, passed right out. Then, because silly SMC decided to do it in the basement of a building, I almost did again once I made it upstairs. That was when I was young and healthy in college, I can't imagine what it is now that I'm older and pregnant/nursing... eeek.

    Oh and to go along with hand-me-downs, consignment! Oh gosh. I just started shopping consignment because we literally just started running out of clothes that were gifted to us (seriously...) and I'm basically obsessed. Kid's Fall wardrobe is going to be wonderful.

  3. Your sandals! I swoon. Love 'em. I'm so happy you get your sister-in-law for the summer, that's such a gift to spend some good quality time with family. Yes, I've heard the praises of this blood builder supplement sung as well. Question- should it only be taken during pregnancy? Or would you take it when you weren't pregnant as well? Thanks! :)

  4. I love the Blood Builder too, it has helped me so so much!

  5. Those sandals are fabulous!! Good things come to those who wait :)

  6. I have a pair of bass shoes from the outlet and they're SO comfy! Although after 5 years they're starting to fall apart, so I may need a new pair...

  7. Baby kisses are too cute, and I love those sandals!!

  8. Those sandals are so great! And hand-me-downs are thee best! I have purchased very little for my girls because of them. It helps balance out the $$$ that we spend on diapers. :)

  9. I love chucks! Love them! My boys live in them!