Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brothers, Uncles, Nephews, Non-sharers

I told my mother-in-law that all I wanted this week while she is here taking care of us was for Ryan to learn how to share. Ha. 

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Sadly, I seriously thought it could happen. Always an optimist, I guess.

Well! At least I learned something about photographing this group of boys who make you scratch your head when you try and figure out how they are related; the bribing power of tootsie rolls is strong:


  1. Cannot believe you got three sets of eyes all squarely to the camera! And even an upright baby! Master Jedi Mama, you are :) So cute.

  2. The look on the middle one's face! Haha!

    And you're right -- if I didn't know better, I'd say those are four brothers. Great picture! Hang that one on a wall!

  3. Great picture!!! And if you ever get the sharing thing figured out, clue me in. My 9 and 11 year olds still could use some help!

  4. When we were new parents, my husband said we were never going to teach our kids the word "mine," because that way they wouldn't be possessive with their toys and they'd never have a problem sharing. (Excuse me while I throw my head back and laugh heartily!)

    That non-sharing thing--it's a phase. And as my wise mother-in-law used to say,
    "This too shall pass." Thank goodness it did.

    I love this all-boy photo. It's so sweet! Can't believe those little guys are your boys' uncles. :)

  5. Cutest photo ever! Your whole family makes darling babies. :)