Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why Yes I'll Wiggle My Toes

Afters months and months and months of either parroting or flat out no's, Ryan has finally learned the word, "Yes." Praise. The. Lord.

Although as Ana and her sweet girls have seen, he still likes to announce, "No!" for all to hear.

I realized that I really do say, "No," a lot myself. Part of it is because my toddler's cup of curiosity runneth over, but part of it is probably because I can be a grump and selfish. I should save the nos for outlets and teetering Christmas trees and freely give out yeses when Ryan insists on closing all the doors and wiggling toes before putting on socks or footed pajamas.

And when Ryan wakes up every single time I oh-so-silently roll out of bed after putting him back down for a nap, I should definitely say, "Yes," to a nap.


  1. I can't stand how much I say no! I don't ever remember doing it with our first- in fact, when an early intervention lady asked if he had ever said 'no,' yet, he hadn't and I told her we hadn't really needed to use it with him. Fast forward three years, and my youngest, at a year and a half, gets told off so much he actually wags his finger and lectures me! Sometimes I wonder... What happened??! :)

    Here's to trying harder to use the word 'yes!'

  2. Oh what a cute baby you have!!

  3. We lucked out on the "no" phase. What we get now are suggestions of "Don't say NO to X; you should say YES to X!" from our toddler.