Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Favorites, Volume Three

1. 2013 Collegiate Rugby Sevens Television Ad. We have been loving this because my brother-in-law, Brad, is the rugby player scoring a try at the two to three second mark. I call him my big-little brother since he is younger than I am by eight months, but about eight inches taller. The footage came from last year they played each other when Notre Dame played Cal...quite the family rivalry, no? Here is a clip from last year's television interview!

2. "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers cover on Nashville. Ever since I graduated from collage, I have a bad habit of watching mindless dramas while I clean or if I have to do busy work. My roomie, who is from the land of Loveless Cafe and Pancake Pantry, got me started on Nashville, and I have fallen into the abyss of its crooning ways. Both of us are in love with this scene when the star's daughter get to sing one of my favorite songs at the moment on stage. And since I'm pregnant, I tear up while watching it even though no sane person should.

3. Queso, hold the Velveeta. We watched the Blue-Gold Spring Game from home because we are wimps as I mentioned here, and we are pretty lucky that it was broadcast on NBC. I was craving brats, and Chris was craving queso, which we normally make with Velveeta and Rotel. Yum! Except that we are supposedly eating "healthily" right now so eating the rarely expiring Velveeta didn't seem to fit the requirements (because brats do?!...I was holding the pregnant craving trump card). So I searched for a slightly better (is lots of cheese and sour cream really better?) recipe that turned out well! I used pepperjack cheese instead of cheddar to make it a bit spicier.

4. Louis Nix at quarterback. Speaking of the spring football game, have you ever seen a 300lb+ man line up at quarterback and score? Look no further, my Irish loving friends. Ryan high-fives every time he sees it, mostly because he sees a football, but some day he will understand.

5. Take Them a Meal. One of my friends here is South Bend just gave birth to a sweet baby girl! Of course, she and her husband will want to focus on their two little ones rather than make dinner so many of us asked to be put on a meal list. When I was helping my mother-in-law, many people generously brought food over, but a few times there were multiple people who gave meals on the same night. I was so impressed when I received an email from Take Them A Meal. The group organizer can add all the people who volunteered to cook, everyone can see what dates are available, reserve a date, see what everyone else is cooking to avoid repeats and know of any dietary restrictions. Smart idea.

Bonus...What is everyone's favorite mascara? Mine is pretty much out, and since it smudges even though its waterproof, I am all ears (eyelashes?) for your favorites. I have short, straight eyelashes that I inherited from my mother so any help is appreciated!

Sorry for the super boring favorites, everyone. Head on over to Moxie Wife for more interesting favorites.


  1. My favs are covergirl clump crusher and revlon grow luscious mascara. I'm in the straight and short lash club too...

  2. I usually use the physician's formula organic version. I don't think it works fantastically, but at least I get a little boost of "green" feelings when I use it?

    (I stumbled upon your blog recently and just wanted to say hey. We have a rambunctious toddler as well and are also expecting our second this fall!)

  3. Oh I am a mascara FIEND. I humbly consider myself a subject matter expert. My current favorite is Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express (blue bottle with pink lettering). Someone asked me the other day if I was wearing false lashes, so I consider that a great endorsement! But the real key to any mascara is to first curl your lashes and then apply multiple coats of the yummy stuff. I apply a coat to one eye and then the other and then switch back to the other eye, probably for a total of two or three coats. It doesn't look garish at all, just helps give you a full and wide-awake look. I have a lash curling trick, too- instead of keeping the curler vertical, tilt it towards your eyelid at a 45º angle so it's almost perpendicular to your cheek and pump the curler minutely open and minutely closed. This pumps your lashes into submission, curling them between the plates and curling them further with the wrist action.

    More than you ever wanted to know about mascara? You asked... ; )

    Love you doll.


  4. And I forgot to say // Thanks for the Make Them a Meal shout out! That is such great timing. One of the girls at work is due in June and NL and I were discussing doing a meal delivery of sorts. This will be a great way to coordinate it all. Such a great link!

  5. It's really expensive, and I received it as a gift (funny, I mentioned it in my blog today, too!), but Giorgio Armani's mascara is the best I have ever used!!

  6. I have always LOVED Maybelline Lash Discovery but everybody is talking about Clump Crusher so I think I'll give it a try soon since I have short, straight eyelashes, as well. One of these days I may have to try that lash growing stuff that you can currently only get from a dermatologist's office. Or not. I'm on the fence. It sounds just a little scary, no?

  7. Odd, we never watch the Blue/Gold game! I tried to talk the Hubs into going but our son had surgery the day before.